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Why Colorado Tokers Love Bubbleberry

Well, that was an interesting start to November. While the country argued with itself and my Facebook feed became full of hot takes, misinformation and vitriol (don’t blame the media when you’re so good at getting it wrong all by yourself), I was ready to roast a bone and wait for it all to blow over. A heavy hybrid was in need to put my mind and body at ease, so I went on the hunt for one of my favorites from the Bay Area, Bubbleberry.

Anyone who’s been smoking pot for a few years has most likely come across Bubbleberry’s parents, Blueberry and Bubblegum, both of which attract tokers with their sweet flavor profiles and classic scents. The combination creates a stronger, candy-like mixture that’s sure to intrigue any nose upon discovery; the need to stuff a cone with these two ice cream strains only heightens after you look at Bubbleberry’s thick, sugary coat of trichomes.

Fans of tasty hybrids like Cookies strains and Strawberry Cough would love Bubbleberry, but don’t let the sweet, innocent flavor fool you. Its delicious mixture of terpenes can be a little too enticing to the tongue while you’re smoking, and although the stiff high is somewhat functional (I’d give it a 6/10 on the stoner motivation scale), it’s easy to get lost in the flavor and overdo it. A small bowl or snapper won’t be enough to put you down — in fact, it’s a great way to start the day on a loose note — but splitting a joint or taking one too many hits off a bong can bring a full-body melt and complete lack of focus inside of an hour.

Looks: Bubbleberry generally has large, rotund buds that are dense in structure. Expect it to be bright green with peach-colored pistils and cloudy resin glands at peak maturity.

Smell: Sweet and surprisingly sour, this strain takes the scents of its parents and magnifies them. Savory, floral tones of Bubblegum are quickly overtaken by tart, sugary smells of Blueberry.

Flavor: The powerful, sweet taste of blueberry is strong at first, but it can be quickly followed by a surprising splash of citrus in some cuts, then the relaxing flavor of bubble gum.

Effects: Bubbleberry’s uplifting high can give you a one-track mind, but that doesn’t mean it makes you unproductive. If taken in moderate doses, it’s an effective pick-me-up on a rough day and can give you enthusiasm for the uninteresting. Still, expect an inevitable comedown — which only comes sooner if you smoke too much.
Home grower’s take: “This strain goes pretty far back, even into the mid-’90s, I think. The combination makes perfect sense — and both [parent strains] were so popular at the time that breeding them together was an obvious step. I nearly got busted the first time I grew it, because it was so damn skunky that a neighbor started asking questions. And I doubt I’m the first guy who bought a new [air] filtration system after growing it. The buds were a great combo of indica and sativa. The plants had decent height — about three feet or so — and the nugs were fat and dense. Very West Coast strain, for me. The strong smell and bright colors do that.”

Commercial grower’s take: “As a grower, especially if you’re a new/novice one, you have to appreciate a strain like Bubbleberry. It’s tough against pests and can withstand more stress than most, and its yields are above average and, more important, consistent. It also flowers quickly, like before two months. But at the same time, if you’re new, you need to have proper filtration in place — she’s a stinker. We generally recommend this to medical patients for pain and, if you believe it, insomnia, because the initial sativa high relaxes the mind before the indica effects set in.”