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The Five Best New Movies to See Thanksgiving Weekend

Tired of avoiding talking about politics with your family? You're in luck: There are plenty of good movies out this weekend, from a solid feel-good flick from Disney, to a sci-fi thriller about the way we communicate, to a spy movie that feels fresh.

Keep reading for our list of the best new movies to catch this weekend and links to their reviews.
"Maybe it was the agitated, election-induced state of mind I was in when I saw it, but Disney’s Moana feels like a movie about..." Continue reading.
"As Allied opens, Brad Pitt parachutes so gently and quietly onto a stretch of Moroccan desert that at first you think he..." Continue reading.
Bad Santa 2
" I sat in the theater to watch Mark Waters’s Bad Santa 2, the followup to Terry Zwigoff’s original 2003 bullet-train-into-debauchery-and-crassitude heist flick, I marveled at..." Continue reading.
"...Arrival, about the mysterious appearance of twelve floating extraterrestrial vessels in different corners of the world, is the best film..." Continue reading.
"With films like Take Shelter, Mud and even this spring's somewhat uneven Midnight Special, Jeff Nichols has steadily built a filmography of terse beauty. With Loving, he tackles the kind of boldface subject matter that ..." Continue reading.

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