Reader: When It Comes to Pot, Donald Trump Is All Business

What will President-elect Donald Trump do about the 28 states that have legalized medical marijuana — and the eight, including Colorado, that have also approved recreational sales? Plenty of people have been asking that since the election, and last week, regulatory attorney Tom Downey offered his opinion on these "interesting times for the marijuana industry." Responds Jann: 
 I've been following this very closely. Earlier Trump said that he would send in the DEA and federal marshals to shut down all the growth centers, pot shops and arrest anyone and all officials who broke federal law. He can do that and if he does do it, it's going to be a huge damn mess — so that's why he backed off of it...he decided to have it be a state's right. We shall see.
Says Michael:
Trump is all about business; if anything, he will make it legal on a federal level. Trump is gonna do more for the people then Obama; watch and see.
But then there's this from Shaun: 
Now is definitely not the time for the NORML movement to become complacent. I do, however, think the fact that MJ is such big business will keep the MJ genie from being forced back into the lamp.
And this from Robbie: 
Get off it already, Westword! He said clear and plain as day that it's a state's right to choose!! Now go back to reporting on juggalos or whatever it is you do...
What do you think Trump will do about the marijuana industry?