Homelessness: As the Weather Gets Cold, the Discussion Heats Up — Seven Recent Stories

As the temperatures drop, advocates are ramping up their fight against homeless sweeps and the urban camping ban, which effectively prohibits the homeless from setting up makeshift homes in Denver's streets. Westword's Chris Walker has followed that fight, and that of a lawyer advocating for the rights of the homeless, in his coverage of an issue plaguing a growing city. Yesterday, Walker reported that Mayor Michael Hancock had ordered Denver Police Department officers to stop taking blankets and tents from the homeless.

Continue reading for seven more recent stories about homelessness.
1. See Denver's Promotional Documentary About a Homeless Sweep
"We're shining a light on that darkness." Continue reading.
2. Jason Flores-Williams Is the Gonzo Lawyer Suing Denver Over Homeless Sweeps
“'This is fucking unbelievable,' mutters Jason Flores-Williams as he observes another sweep of homeless encampments near the Denver Rescue Mission." Continue reading.
3. Emotional Appeals at City Council Meeting to End Homeless Sweeps
"In the past month, I've seen three young adults under 25 crying and saying 'I'm ready to die. This is a really sick situation."
4. As Enforcement of Urban Camping Ban Escalates, So Do Efforts for Its Repeal
"The woman looked down at the flier. In no uncertain terms, it called upon Mayor Michael Hancock and Denver’s City Council to end enforcement of the city’s Unauthorized Camping Ordinance, which prevents people from covering themselves with blankets, tarps or tents in public spaces." Continue reading.
5. Police, Media Descend Upon Park Avenue During Homeless "Cleanup"
"The question is whether police will come tonight and kick people out. But as long as they can stay, we've met our goal of holding the block." Continue reading.
6. Homeless Campers Stand Their Ground on Third Day of Police Activity
"It's getting violent...something is going to happen tomorrow, without question." Continue reading.
7. At Least One Arrest Made on Fourteenth Day of Homeless "Cleanup"
"We're not letting people come back and break the law." Continue reading.

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