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Why Colorado Tokers Love Death Star

Not all stoners are Star Wars fans, but I’d bet a lot of the midnight movie-goers at Rogue One: A Star Wars Story last week were smoking themselves into a galaxy far, far away before walking into theaters. Cheering on Leia, Luke and the boys as they fight the Evil Empire is a pastime for many potheads, but not all. Some of us just want to get blunted and listen to the voice of James Earl Jones voice rule with an iron fist as he Force-chokes peons to oblivion. For that, I give you Death Star.

Death Star was born in the Midwest in the early 2000s, gaining prominence east of the Mississippi before hitting it big in 2010 with a High Times feature. The indica-dominant hybrid is a combination of Sensi Star and Sour Diesel, and carries timeless qualities from both for a distinct flavor. Diesel-bred strains are popular for their pungent fuel characteristics, and this one is no exception — but a strong woody after-scent courtesy of its Sensi mother gives Death Star a more complex profile than those of its parents.

It’s tough to envision any hybrid with Sour Diesel genetics being a sedative, but Death Star is exactly that if you have a low tolerance. The strain typically starts with sativa effects, boosting users with a talkative energy and appetite, but it’s all a trap. Sensi Star greatly influences the high, stealthily relaxing the body until you’re passed out with the TV on and a hardening bowl of queso in front of you. For longtime medical patients and users — multiple dabs a day or more — Death Star can be more even-keeled, however, making for a good daytime smoke.

Skywalker OG is fine for romantic comedies and Disney cartoons, but when you feel like rooting for the bad guy, roll up Death Star. It’s great for Diesel lovers who want to relax — and take a walk on the dark side.

Death Star is known for small, dense bright-green buds with orange to red pistils. Trichome coverage is heavy, which can give it a gray tint, and purple streaks are common.
Smell: A pungent combination of its parents’ most distinct features, Death Star’s smell starts with the familiar face-smack of rubber and fuel, which is accompanied by sweet, skunky overtones and an earthy, woody scent on the back end.

Flavor: The strain’s combination of tart, rubber and earth flavors can make some think Death Star is a citrus or OG strain, so look for diesel and fruity notes.

Effects: Death Star is a knockout strain for most and sessionable for some, so use cautiously until figuring out your tolerance. The strain starts with an inspiring jolt of sociability that can induce or magnify hunger before beginning the indica descent into chill mode.

Home grower’s take:
“She’s a stinker. No way around it. Luckily, Death Star is pretty easy to grow and ready to harvest after, like, two months of flowering, so you can get it in and out faster than most. I remember buds being small but dense, and covered — and I mean covered — in trichomes. People love to look at it in the magnifying glass.”

Commercial grower’s take:
“I love this strain, because it’s kind of a contradiction. The Sour Diesel smell and flavor suggests a Red Bull-like effect, but after an hour most people are dead from the comedown. There’s also an OG cut, Death Star OG, that is even more earthy and debilitating. I’ve had experience with both, and I like the look of the original Death Star more. The brighter color matches well with the trichomes.”

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