The Ten Best Gifts for Your Favorite Female Toker

Still trying to figure out what to get that special lady in your life this holiday season? We reached into Stoner Santa's bag and came up with great gifts for your favorite female toker — from pipes to handbags to date nights. Here are the ten best:
1. AnnaBis Handbag

This might look like a normal handbag, but it's anything but. AnnaBis creates bags with aroma-blocking tech that masks the smell of your favorite strains. A few of the bags even have hidden compartments for those times you need a little extra discretion. "We would rather smell like Chanel than cannabis," AnnaBis founder Jeanine Moss says. And she's right: There's nothing special about reeking of pot when you're out for a special night on the town.

2. CannaBliss CBD-Infused Body Butter

Does your female friend need to relax? Go for CannaBliss, a lotion created by two women: a local massage maven, Elena Davis, owner of Peace of Mind Massage on Old Pearl Street, and Jamie Turner of CAUSE+MEDIC. They created CBD-infused body butter and body oil that are both to die for. All the ingredients are natural and cruelty-free and were tested over and over to ensure each of the products have a consistency that's easy to smoothly apply for a comfortable, calming lotion.

3. Dank Essence Bath Bombs

Want to support another great local business? Dank Essence Bath Bombs are created right here in Denver. There are more than thirty options to choose from, all made with all-natural ingredients, including Dead Sea salt, almond oil and essential oils.

4. Foria Pleasure

This product is by women for women. Inspired by ancient traditions that used cannabis as an aphrodisiac, the minds behind Foria created a medicinal that can help heighten sensation and awaken arousal for some; for others, it helps reduce pain and tension. Either way, it's a great gift to give the special lady in your life.

5. Ice Cream Cone Pendant Pipes

Sweet! For a little smoke on the go, this glass pendant looks like an ice cream cone but it's elegantly crafted so that you smoke out of the bottom of the cone. The perfect gift for your favorite dessert-a-holic.

Keep reading for more of our favorite marijuana gifts for women.