Schmuck of the Week

Christian Shearer's Drug Bust Happened Because His Cars Blocked a Snow Plow

Denver did such a terrible job of street-clearing after this past weekend's snowstorm that anyone who parked along the curb in many downtown-area neighborhoods risked getting stuck in the lingering ice and slush.

Still, moving your car to make room when snow plows actually show up is important, as Oak Creek's Christian Shearer now understands really, really well.

If Shearer had simply parked his vehicles in a place where they didn't block a plow, he would have avoided the felony drug charges that made him our latest choice as Schmuck of the Week.

The story, first reported by Steamboat Today, unspooled in the bucolic community of Phippsburg.

On December 14, a Colorado State Patrol trooper reportedly received a report about two cars and a camper owned by Shearer that were preventing snow-removal operations from removing the white stuff from Colorado Highway 131, the main route through town.

An arrest affidavit cited by Steamboat Today says that when the trooper quizzed him about the vehicles, Shearer agreed to move them, but only after claiming that a deputy with the Routt County Sheriff's Office had said parking in the location was okay.

Mistake. After hearing about this claim, the deputy in question revealed to the trooper that he'd specifically told Shearer he couldn't park in that particular spot.

Once the plowing went forward, the trooper returned to Shearer's cars and camper. But this time, he brought a friend: Boomer, the RCSO's drug-sniffing K-9.

Boomer quickly alerted to the smell of drugs, the affidavit maintains — and for a very good reason.

Inside the camper, authorities found nearly a pound and a half of marijuana inside assorted jars and packages, as well as some mushrooms and a glass pipe marked with what was suspected to be meth residue. And another glass pipe, this one sporting black residue, turned up in one of the cars.

With that, Shearer was busted on two felony counts: suspected possession of a controlled substance and suspected possession of more than twelve ounces of marijuana.

And all because he blocked a snow plow.