Reader: Christo Abandons "Over the River" Because of Trump — but What About UAE?

Christo and Jean-Claude's vision for "Over the River."
Christo and Jean-Claude's vision for "Over the River."
All the action in Washington, D.C., spilled over into Colorado's art scene this week, when legendary artist Christo announced that after 25 years, he was abandoning "Over the River," a controversial project that he and his late wife, Jeanne-Claude, had conceived of back in 1992. This would mark a return of the couple to the state; in 1972, they'd successfully hung "Valley Curtain" on the Western Slope. This plan called for covering a stretch of the Arkansas River between Cañon City and Salida with a silvery fabric — but it hit numerous roadblocks and lawsuits. And then, with Donald Trump as landlord of the federal land he'd have to work on, Christo pulled the plug and announced that he'll focus instead on "The Mastaba," a piece in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. But Adam throws the flag on that:
So, let me get this straight: Christo disagrees with Trump's politics and decides to abandon his "Over the River" project as a form of protest — deciding instead to focus on a project in the United Arab Emirates? Trump's politics might be bad news, but the UAE? Give me a break...
What do you think of Christo's plans? Read Michael Paglia's 2008 piece on how Christo and Jeanne-Claude had Colorado wrapped up here.