Marijuana in the Age of Trump: From States' Rights to "Greater Enforcement"

Art Illustration by Jay Vollmer
This week the Trump administration dropped a bomb on the cannabis industry when press secretary Sean Spicer said the marijuana industry should expect "greater enforcement" from the federal government.

This stance is in direct opposition to statements Trump had made on the campaign trail regarding marijuana, and other signs from the administration since his election. Here's a roundup of what Trump has said on the issue, coverage of Attorney General Jeff Sessions's comments since his appointment, and follows on Spicer's comments this week.

Kate McKee Simmons
1. Cannabis Industry Not Happy With Sean Spicer's Prediction of "Greater Enforcement"
2. Trump Spokesman Predicts Greater Enforcement of Federal Marijuana Laws

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Jeff Sessions political cartoon.
3. Jeff Sessions "Skillfully Evasive" During Confirmation Hearing

4. The National Fraternal Order of Police Asks Trump to Leave State Marijuana Laws Alone

5. Pot Biz Leader: "Cautious Optimism and Fear" About Marijuana Under Trump

6. Obama's Marijuana Take Sends Donald Trump a Message: Decriminalize Pot Now

7. Three Ways Trump Could Shut Down State-Legal Marijuana

8. Attorney Tom Downey: Legal Marijuana Under President Trump and AG Sessions
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9. The State of Marijuana in the Age of Donald Trump

10. AG Nom Jeff Sessions Thought KKK Was Okay Until He Learned They Smoked Pot?

11. Marijuana Industry Not Happy With Trump's Pick for Attorney General

12. Ask a Stoner: Will Trump Destroy Legal Weed?
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13. Donald Trump on Legalizing Marijuana: "Some Very Negative Reports Coming Out of Colorado"