How Has Senator Cory Gardner Handled Hurricane Trump?
Colorado Politics via YouTube
Much like they did during the Obama administration, angry constituents are taking to town hall meetings to air their grievances with the current president. But instead of angry tea partiers heckling Democrats, this time it's irate Democrats yelling at Republicans.

No one's feeling the heat more in Colorado than Republican senator Cory Gardner, who hasn't scheduled any town hall meetings this year — but who has made several public appearances nonetheless. As we wrote last year, Gardner reluctantly endorsed Donald Trump, then backed off him entirely after the infamous "grab ’em by the pussy" video.

Keep reading for five stories (and one slideshow) about Gardner's moves in the Trump era.
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Brandon Marshall
1. Senator Cory Gardner a No-Show at Energetic, Rowdy, Packed Town Hall
2. Cory Gardner Town Hall in Denver to Go On Whether He Shows Up or Not
3. Cory Gardner Took $49.8K From Betsy DeVos and Family Before Confirming Her
Brandon Marshall
4. Meet Three Colorado Politicos Who Like Trump's Refugee Ban
HBO via YouTube
5. After Dumping Trump, Cory Gardner Gets Crushed by HBO's John Oliver Anyway
Brandon Marshall
6. Any Difference Between Saying You'll Vote for Donald Trump and Endorsing Him?