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Friends and Fans Gather to Remember Denver Punk Icon Pam Puente

Pam Puente in the Dirty Lookers.
Sheila Broderick from a memorial event page on Facebook
Pam Puente in the Dirty Lookers.
Pam Puente, a fixture in Denver's punk scene since she was fourteen years old, died in early March. Known as a wild child, she earned both praise and ire — often from the same people, says Jill Mustoffa, a Denver punk-show promoter who knew the musician for decades.

Puente, a mother of two, lived in both Seattle and Denver, making strong impressions on people wherever she called home. Over the years, she played in many punk bands; she is best remembered in Denver for her time in the raw Double Barrelled Slingshots and the more straight-ahead rock outfit the Dirty Lookers.

Puente's voice was striking and powerful, an obvious centerpiece of any band in which she was a member.

On Facebook, friends and fans have shared their support and memories; they've also set up a GoFundMe page to help pay for her funeral expenses and provide support for her two children.

This Saturday, March 18, at the Lion's Lair, starting at 5 p.m., there will be a memorial benefit for Puente's family. While an official date and cause of death have yet to be determined and funeral services have not yet been finalized, friends of Puente's are encouraged to attend the event to share stories about her and her topsy-turvy, punk-rock life.