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Reader: Your Best Korean Restaurants Do Not Rate. Typical Denver!

Classic tofu stew at Tofu House.
Mark Antonation
Classic tofu stew at Tofu House.
Metro Denver has a mini-boom in Korean restaurants, and as we worked on the Best of Denver 2017, we tried them all. We presented our favorites in a recent list of the Ten Best Korean Restaurants, but one reader took issue with several of our picks. Says Turi:
Oh, my god. This list is horrible. Dae Gee is nothing but white-washed Korean food and it's on the bottom of my list. I'm Korean, grew up eating/cooking Korean, and have been to Korea. Dae Gee, Mr. Kim and Seoul BBQ do not even rate. Typical Denver.
But then there's this from Julia: 
It's fascinating to note the cities and countries that have restaurant cultures and those that do not. Koreans love their food and have a banging restaurant culture. If the Korean restaurants here do not rate when compared to home or Mom, it's better than no Korean food at all or the execrable ersatz examples that I have had in places with no Koreans. Damn, though, I do miss my mom's cooking.
Readers chose Dae Gee as their favorite Korean restaurant. The Westword winner? Tofu House.