Why Colorado Tokers Love THC Bomb

Herbert Fuego
THC Bomb is a blast of hybrid goodness.
As much as I go on about how aromatic and delicious certain strains are, most cannabis consumers just want whatever’s on sale or the buds that’ll lift them the highest – but those two qualities rarely co-exist. The few strains that are both inexpensive and elevating, like Blue Dream and Gorilla Glue, quickly become popular on dispensary shelves. Still, while THC Bomb's price is often in inverse proportion to its THC numbers, it hasn’t yet reached the same level of demand.

THC Bomb is the namesake strain of Netherlands breeder Bomb Seeds, which keeps its genetics pretty close to the chest; I’m 0-for-8 in getting answers from this breeder so far. As annoying as that is for a weed nerd like me, I get why Bomb Seeds wouldn’t want to give away a secret sauce that’s birthed over a dozen varieties of “Bomb” strains, creating a major revenue stream for the company. My bet is a cross of Skunk and an older Kush – something closer to Afghan or Hindu than OG. Its sweet, pungent and piney smells and level-headed but stoney effects make me think that THC Bomb has a short and simple pedigree – but that’s just my hot take.

One reason I like THC Bomb more than either of its girthy, potent brethren: It’s sessionable. Despite consisting of more than 20 percent THC, this Bomb is pretty easy if you have a high tolerance, and newbs can handle it in moderation. The even-keeled hybrid leans slightly indica, but it’s so close to the middle that it largely depends on the user.

A likely explanation for the Bomb’s middling popularity in Colorado: its mediocre looks and subtle smells. While the strain's potency is undeniable, its trichome coverage isn’t always a blizzard like Gorilla Glue, and its smells and flavor are more understated. But that doesn’t make THC Bomb a dud. Its flavor can explode if grown in prime conditions, giving off pungent, rubbery scents of citrus and pine. THC Bomb can be found in dispensaries across the metro area, including Lightshade, Frosted Leaf and Rocky Road Remedies in Aurora.

Looks: THC Bomb comes packaged in rotund buds that might range in size but rarely in shape, with an electric green color and occasional violet spots. A good batch should have a five o’clock shadow of milky trichomes, but that’s not always indicative of potency.

Smell: Although subtle, THC Bomb carries a pleasant blend of skunky sweetness, citrus and pine, with kush overtones present throughout.

This is another area where THC Bomb has been known to fall short, but kush and pine notes should always be present. Well-grown harvests maximize on its sweet, sour and earthy flavors to create a skunky-kush cocktail, but THC Bomb seems to be a bigger challenge for many dispensaries than other strains.

Effects: A smooth ride for fans of indicas, sativas and anything in between, THC Bomb relaxes bodies and energizes minds at the same time. Smoking the right amount takes advantage of indica and sativa effects, making it a versatile strain for medical patients and a fine choice for any time of day.

Commercial grower’s take:
“An easy grow, big yields, short flowering periods and high potency. For growers who know how strong but gentle it is, it’s damn near perfect. [It takes] eight weeks to flower and can take you to the moon on a joint or settle your stomach with a bowl without making you too loopy. But the flavor isn’t always there for some harvests. Some grows focus too much on the flavor and yield aspect and push it out too early, but if you grow it without quantity in mind, the earthiness and citrus really come out. Either way, the potency is there. Expect to see this grow on the concentrate side.”

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