Readers: New Alamo a Welcome Addition, or More Colfax Gentrification?

Alamo Drafthouse
The Alamo Drafthouse opened a theater at 4255 West Colfax Avenue this week, in the rapidly changing Sloan's Lake area. This is the Texas-based chain's second location in metro Denver, and it has blockbuster ambitions for cutting-edge programming. But at least one reader doesn't appreciate this artistic addition to the neighborhood. Says Schemel: 
More lameass Colfax gentrification. Here's to making Denver a series of strip malls with the same old shit.
Responds Jill: 
What do you think Colfax was before???? Tanning/nail salons, liquor stores, dollar store, check 
Then there's this from Nicholas: 
Granted, it will make it harder to buy meth, but I love the Alamo.
What do you think of the Alamo? Its new location on West Colfax?