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Reader: Respecting Space the Difference Between a Transplant and an Invader

Overland Public Golf Course could host a music festival this summer.
City and County of Denver
Overland Public Golf Course could host a music festival this summer.
Denver's seven golf courses will be full on this Memorial Day...but even with every tee time booked, the courses will still look like uncrowded patches of green space in the city. That's one of the reasons that Rich Grant recently suggested that some of Denver's golf courses be turned into public parks "or opened up for festivals and other special events," as could happen at Overland this summer. In response, Kim writes:

That's a huge part of the problem right there. The noise and traffic levels will go through the roof in these once-quiet neighborhoods.

Consider the aftermath of the 4/20 rally. Would you wish to live next door to that? Are you willing to personally pay for the clean-up? And who will pay for the sound-proofing of the neighbors' houses? If you wish to make decisions that affect the homes and lives of others, then at least take responsibility for the consequences.

I can't believe how willing people are to offer up someone else's favorite venue, or someone else's property, ostensibly "for the highest good of all," but sound unlikely to put their own money (and time, and peace of mind), where their mouth is.

Try putting the shoe on the other foot. Offer up your own favorite hangout or your own neighborhood, and see how much your neighbors love you for it.

I lived in Denver for 41 years, and never set foot on any golf course, but I can respect the importance of these courses to the people who use them. I didn't live in any of these neighborhoods, and never knew anybody who did, but I can drive past them and see the beauty. I feel terribly for the property owners who bought a home near a quiet golf course, and who are now faced with the prospect of noise, trash, increased crime and plummeting property values.

If people want more parks, and can't find a space without appropriating someone else's, then maybe what we really need is fewer people moving here. And really, isn't this the difference between a transplant and an invader?