Reader: Leave Wild Horses Alone, Trump!

Bureau of Land Management
As with most things Trump, Alan Prendergast's Slaughter ’Em: The Trump Plan to Solve the West's Wild Horse Problem, a story about the president's plan to control the West's wild horses population, drew plenty of comments from our readers. Some were sympathetic to the majestic beasts, others not so much. Says Rob:

Is it better if they starve to death? And let's call them what they are, which is feral horses. They are non-native.
Mo thought the problem was bigger than just the horses:

There is no problem. The only "problem" is they want to seize all the protected land they live on. That's the only "problem." There are actually very few wild horse herds left. Leave them alone! Greedy MF.
One commenter absolved Trump entirely. Wrote Austin:

Calling it a "plan" by Trump is giving him too much credit. That dumbass couldn't plan his next spray tan
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