Six of the Best Drag People and Places in the Queen City of the Plains

Denver has lived up to its "Queen City of the Plains" nickname, particularly these past few years, as the city's drag scene has garnered national acclaim. With Pride just days away, there's no better time to check out who's hot and where to see them; you can start with these drag winners from the Best of Denver 2017. If you're looking for a deeper guide to the most promising up-and-coming queens, check this year's edition of the Thirteen Freshest Faces of Denver Drag.

Best New Queen on the Scene
Anka Shayne

Drag is exhausting. You need to spend hours creating a look, an outfit, a number, and then even more time walking in shoes so high they’ll give you nosebleeds. Anka Shayne, aka Jordan Gilbert, doesn’t just display a willingness to do the work; she takes it to the next level. In or out of guise, you can see her wheels turning. What would happen if I poured this liquid latex on my face over my makeup? What would happen if my nails were five inches long? What if I came out wearing nothing but this sticker? Anka is a mover and a shaker who knows how to slay a stage.

Best Drag Queen Career
Nina Montaldo

Nina Montaldo, Denver’s Grand Dame of Drag, will turn 68 this year. Back in 1968, a young James Martinez began to create Nina — borrowing her last name from a high-end department store that once graced our city — because it was the fierce thing to do at a time when being gay, much less a queen, was illegal. Nina’s reign at the top of Denver drag has always stood for a few things: professionalism, beauty, glamour, joy and, most important, persistence. Today’s drag babies may dismiss Miss Nina’s aesthetics as “old-fashioned” — but there’s nothing old-fashioned about fighting for your art for fifty years. If you see Nina Montaldo on a bill, do yourself a favor and take in the show.

Best Drag (R)Evolution
Yvie Oddly

For some performers, drag only runs skin deep. But for Ultimate Queen Yvie Oddly, aka Jovan Bridges, drag is about more than putting on makeup and a dress and lip-synching to a pop hit, more than entertaining the masses. For Oddly, drag is a way of expressing your innermost personality, coloring outside the gender lines, and using the platform to make a real statement. As a result, there’s crackling electricity whenever Yvie takes the Drag Nation stage or leads her own Odd Hour show at Tracks: What you’re about to watch is not only going to break the rules of everyday life, but the rules of what drag is supposed to be, as well.

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