Reader: If We Know People Are Breaking Laws, Shouldn't We Report Them?

Immigration continues to be a divisive topic among our readers (hell, among residents around the entire country). After Chris Walker wrote about a new hotline that immigrants can use to report ICE raids, plenty of people shared their thoughts. Says Chuck:

Whenever you hear a politician or anyone say "Comprehensive Immigration Reform" .... AMNESTY is what they really mean .... We tried it before; it doesn't work. All we got was 11 million more illegal aliens....It's like letting bank robbers keep the money that they stole; it's the same thing. It's illegal to hire somebody or work in the USA without the proper documents. So if we know where people are breaking our laws, shouldn't we report them?
Responds Rachel:

We have all enjoyed the cheap labor boost they have added to our economy over the past thirty years, though. We like cheap, quick, convenient but don't want to do those jobs ourselves.
Suggests Jennifer:

I think this number needs to be flooded with as many false calls as possible...then sit back and see just how many illegals are here and then report them all to ICE!!!
Adds Kyle:

But fuck hotlines that warn drivers about DUI checkpoints, right?
And Colin puns:

That's ICE cold.
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