Westword Music Showcase

Meet a Westword Music Showcase Band: Corner Girls

Corner Girls

Seventy of Denver's best hometown bands will play the Westword Music Showcase along with national acts Shakey Graves, the Revivalists, Cut Copy, Bob Moses, COIN and A R I Z O N A, on Saturday, June 24. We reached out to the local outfits to learn more about their music and their relationship to Denver.

Here's what Corner Girls had to say:

Westword: How would you describe your sound?

Corner Girls: Pastel punk: a term we made up because other descriptions didn't feel right. It encompasses the carefree ethics of punk but adds a pop element, making it a lighter, more feminine version of “traditional” punk.

How has Denver influenced your sound?

Experiencing the music scene in Denver not only was formative in our friendships, but also gave us a love for the music scene and venues around the city before we started playing music. After transitioning into being performers, we've kept that genuine love for Denver music and the people who enjoy it.

What could Denver do to better support musicians?

When we were first starting, we had a multitude of DIY venues that were more than happy to host a band that wasn't very good yet. If it weren't for these spaces, we wouldn't have had the opportunity to explore and grow as musicians. At this point in time, most of those venues have shut down; Denver could work to keep supporting and prioritizing local musicians and artists as the city grows.

Will you stay in Denver or will you leave? Why?

Denver has been a great place to play music, and a great platform for us as musicians. It's not certain what the future holds, but we do want to be able to experience another music scene somewhere else while we still have this going.

Westword Music Showcase, Saturday, June 24, Golden Triangle neighborhood. For tickets and more information, go to westwordshowcase.com.