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Reader: Disability Activists Deserved Arrest at Gardner's Office. It's Equal Rights

The ADAPT protest at Gardner's Denver office continues for a second day.
Since Tuesday, June 27, Westword has been following Wheelchair Sports Camp MC Kalyn Heffernan's efforts with the disability-rights group ADAPT to convince Senator Cory Gardner to vote against a GOP healthcare proposal that would leave 22 million without health insurance, according to the Congressional Budget Office.

From day one, the demonstrators said they would leave only if Gardner pledged to buck his party's bill or if the police took them away After spending three days in the office, the protesters were arrested Thursday, June 30.

Some people weighed in, saying Heffernan and her comrades got what they deserved; after all, they broke the law.

Joe wrote: 
Everyone wants equal rights these days. These people should have the equal right to go to jail when they're breaking the law.

James wrote:
You don't have the right to plant yourself in someone's office forever. You made your point, it's time to leave. You don't leave, you get arrested. And you're disabled, and you've always said you just want to be treated like anyone else, right?

At the same time, other readers were thrilled Heffernan had taken a position on the issue.

Aaron wrote:
True props for adding the activism angle to the music. To show people what is going on IN THE TOWN YOU LIVE IN, and using the stage to spread knowledge that affects people, esp those who may have no/lesser voices.

Josh says:
Disabled people literally fighting for their lives are arrested and all the right wingnuts in the comments can say about it is "stop wasting my tax dollars." Drop the partisan bullshit and be a human for once. I know y'all got at least one disabled person in your family whose life is literally in danger over this bill. You gonna cry about the tax dollars to them too? Healthcare is a fraction of our military budget which ends up encouraging more war and arms deals to the Middle East. Got to have a reason to keep spending all that money on arms right? Never in my life have I seen more people brainwashed then now. Wake up and smell the corruption. Trump is a disaster and a con man who gave corporate greed even more power. Make America Logical Again.

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