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Reader: This Country Was Founded on Acts of Civil Disobedience!

Kalyn Heffernan (right) and other ADAPT protesters at Cory Gardner's office.
Kenzie Bruce
Kalyn Heffernan (right) and other ADAPT protesters at Cory Gardner's office.
On June 27, disability-rights group ADAPT camped out at Senator Cory Gardner's Denver office, urging him to vote against a GOP health-care proposal that would leave 22 million without health insurance, according to the Congressional Budget Office. The protesters said they would leave only if Gardner pledged to buck his party's bill or if the police took them away. And on June 30, they were arrested and taken to the Denver County Jail — where supporters gathered for their own protest.

The ten demonstrators were all released by the next morning, but their charges remain. So does the discussion of ADAPT's actions regarding this country's health-care dilemma. Says Jeremy: 
This country was founded on acts of civil disobedience.
Replies Jeff: 
They were blocking people from doing their daily business, all the time knowing Gardner wasn't even there...a protest is to stand against something, not force your will upon them.
Concludes Kelly:
 Look at the media attention this story is receiving! That is the important message here. It's upsetting that people with physical disabilities had to be physically removed, yes. And the fact that Senator Gardner hasn't addressed the protest whatsoever. To the protesters, thank you for your inspiration. Show our country who runs this country #localheroes
Watch for more from MC, activist and Westword MasterMind Kalyn Heffernan, one of the protesters arrested at Gardner's office.