Dear Out-of-State Performers: Stop Getting Too F*cked Up on Marijuana

It's all fun and games until someone falls off the stage.
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It's all fun and games until someone falls off the stage.
Dear out-of-state performers who are scheduled to visit Colorado,

Listen, Coloradans understand getting too fucked up on pot to function. After all, marijuana in some form has been legal in this state for seventeen — seventeen! — years, giving us ample opportunity to experiment (and fail) with dosage. And we're used to seeing our parents or friends visiting from out of state eat too much of a brownie or take one too many rips of a bong and suffer through the weirds.

But if you're a musician or comedian who people are paying to see, there is no excuse for getting too high. You have an obligation as a performer to give me my money's worth and not eat so many edibles that you can't string a cohesive sentence together.

I went to a concert on Friday at a popular country venue in Denver. The performer was visiting from a nearby state where pot is definitely not legal. Who knows what this guy was on, but between rambling about his failed record deal and forgetting the words to some of his songs, he was clearly on something. His case isn't unique. How many concerts or performances have we had to suffer through, Colorado, where the main acts have clearly overindulged in marijuana (or booze or pills) and ruined their sets?

I'm not here to shame anyone who has a substance-abuse problem. But if you're coming to Colorado and have either never tried pot or smoke at home, know that our shit is stronger than the swag you get from your dealer. Know that the ten milligrams recommended by the State of Colorado for edibles could still lay out a small farm animal (hey, it's not an exact science, but we're getting there).

If you want to get high before your performance, be our guest. It's why we like being in Colorado, too. But smoke early or only eat a quarter of that edible. Don't ruin the evening for your fans.