Open Music Sessions

Open Music Session: Joseph Lamar Gets Poignant at the Open Media Foundation

Joseph Lamar
Anthony Camera
Joseph Lamar
On Friday, August 4, the Open Media Foundation hosts its next monthly free Open Music Session event, which will spotlight music from the Budrows, plus local comedy, beer and artists.

The July Open Music Session welcomed Joseph Lamar, who describes himself as a singer, songwriter, producer, arranger, composer, instrumentalist, genre-fucker, performing artist, storyteller, art director, dancer and (would-be) philosopher. His debut album, Quarter-Life Righteous, dropped in March.

His sense of humor is evident on "Whatever Dude/About Love," which has Lamar playing the role of a cynical joy-killer before jumping into full romance mode.

"I Want You," Lamar says, is initially about lust, but it became about longing. Either way, it's about attraction to other people, and it's a poignant little gem.

Listen to more of Joseph Lamar's music library, and download and remix the project's Open Music Session songs below.

About Open Music Sessions: Every month, Westword joins Open Media Foundation and Greater Than Collective to bring you Open Music Sessions, a video series aimed at introducing people to bands and providing context for their music. Every First Friday, we bring a band to the Open Media Foundation studio at 7th and Kalamath and record a performance. In addition to broadcasting the show live on the Denver Open Media TV stations (Comcast channels 56, 57 and 219), we edit the clips for certain songs. You'll also find additional information about the band and the recordings of individual instruments on select songs, which you are welcome to download in order to create remixes or simply to learn more about the way the music is constructed.