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Reader: Why So Much Advocacy on Behalf of Illegal Aliens?

Activists gathered on the steps of City Hall on August 2.
Grant Stringer
Activists gathered on the steps of City Hall on August 2.
While the Trump administration has a new proposal that would crack down on legal immigration, activists rallied on the steps of the Denver City & County Building on August 2, right before a Denver City Council committee considered a proposal that would give undocumented residents more protection from ICE. The measure will move on to the full council later this month; meanwhile, Mayor Michael Hancock is drafting his own executive order regarding immigration.
And the conversation over immigration continues.  Says Josh: 
I thought America sucks? Isn't that why California is trying to secede from the Union? Isn't that what Antifa and/or far left are always saying while they protest for illegal immigrants to be let in freely? If the American system is so shitty, especially towards non-whites and the poor, then why is it imperative for them to come here in order to be safe, healthy and prosperous? I think it's just awful that these people are out fighting to keep these illegal immigrants trapped here in such a racist society that treats the poor and immigrants, much less illegal ones, so poorly...
Responds Kyle: 
The fact that certain parts of the country had to reopen the underground railroad to help immigrants should tell you how bad this deportation bullshit really is. Why discriminate against those you have blind reasons to hate? Especially since most of you don't even have the heart to start up a conversation to test your preconceived notions. 
But then there's this from Owen: 
Why so much advocacy on behalf of the "rights" of illegal aliens, but zero presence when it comes to child sex trafficking? Then everyone goes crazy over a baker not wanting to bake a cake for a gay wedding, but it's completely silent on unlawful wars that KILL innocent children.

You people fucking suck and I hate you.
What do you think about the proposal heading to Denver City Council?

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