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Tacos Rapidos Brings 24-Hour Street Food to Aurora

Mark Antonation
Tacos Rapidos started out on West Evans Avenue but will soon open on South Havana Street in Aurora.
West-side residents are more than familiar with Tacos Rapidos, the 24-hour joint where carne asada fries, rolled tacos and other cheap fare keeps the drive-through backed up at all hours of the day and night at its original location, 2800 West Evans Avenue. The bigger Tacos Rapidos — with actual seating inside — at 2345 West Alameda Avenue sees a steady stream of customers, too. But both are a long drive for Aurora residents looking for late-night grub, so if you live on the east side and like it cheap, fast and filling, you'll be thrilled to know that Tacos Rapidos is about ready to open another outpost, this one at 1760 South Havana Street.

While this is no gourmet spot for fancified tacos topped in aioli or stuffed with braised pork belly, most of the menu is just downright delicious, earning our Best 24/7 Restaurant award on more than one occasion. From breakfast burritos stuffed with so much meat there's barely room for eggs to super-nachos loaded with yellow cheese and caulk-gun guacamole, Tacos Rapidos has everything you need for your late-night or early-morning cravings.

The newest member of the Rapidos family will move into the building recently vacated by R Taco; before that, it was home to Old School Burgers. Like the West Alameda spot, this one will also have indoor seating. The Havana Street Business Improvement District notes on its Facebook page that there's still some final work being completed (fountain drinks and menu signs are being installed today), so the restaurant should be open soon.

Fill up your gas tank; you could be in for a long wait in the drive-through.