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Ten Peachy Summer Finds in Denver Restaurants, Bars and Bakeries

Veronica Penney
Colorado peaches from the Western Slope.
Summer is winding down, which means peaches are flowing into Denver from the Western Slope. Palisade peaches — and fuzzy fruit from elsewhere in western Colorado — capture sunshine in every bite, adding juicy freshness to desserts, drinks and even savory plates. Here are ten Denver finds that fully celebrate peach season.

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Peaches & Cream ice cream by Frozen Matter.
Veronica Penney
Frozen Matter
530 East 19th Avenue

Frozen Matter opened in Uptown in the spring of 2016 and has been churning out inventive ice creams with organic and all-natural ingredients ever since. Fresh peaches star in their small-batch Peaches & Cream ice cream, balancing bright fruit in a creamy housemade base for a treat that's equally rich and sunny.

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Spruce's peach scone with pecan topping.
Veronica Penney
Spruce Confections
767 Pearl Street, Boulder

Spruce Street Confections' peach scones are finished with a sweet pecan topping. You can pick one up at any of the three Boulder locations (which also include 4684 Broadway and 4740 Pearl Parkway) or in numerous coffee shops and grocery stores around the Denver metro area, including Whole Foods.

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Brazen's seasonal salad incorporates peaches, pork belly, and arugula.
Veronica Penney
4450 West 38th Avenue

Peaches shouldn't be limited to breakfast and dessert. Brazen's savory peach-and-bacon salad is made from maple-and-bourbon-glazed peaches, pork belly and arugula, then drizzled with a lemon vinaigrette. Tart, sweet and smoky flavors mingle to enliven the palate for more Brazen small plates to come.

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The peach galette from Wooden Spoon.
Veronica Penney
Wooden Spoon Cafe and Bakery
2418 West 32nd Avenue
303- 999-0327

This petite Highland bakery can have long lines on weekend mornings, but it's well worth the wait. The peach galette and custard-filled peach Danish are both piled high with fresh peach slices and baked with love — just like every other baked good on the Spoon's menu.

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Glazed and Confuzed's peaches and cream doughnuts are topped with fresh peach sllices.
Veronica Penney
Glazed and Confuzed
2501 Dallas Street

Unusual combinations are a hallmark at this doughnut maker that recently relocated to the Stanley Marketplace, so peaches-and-cream may look a little ordinary ordinary — with just a custard-filled doughnut from the case. But fresh peach slices are added when you check out, then topped with sugar and caramelized with a kitchen blowtorch. There's nothing confuzing about fresh doughnuts and even fresher peaches.