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Ten of Telluride Horror Show's Freakiest Films

Dead Ant
The Telluride Horror Show will bring some of the best recent horror films to the Rocky Mountain region.
The Telluride Horror Show, one of the premier horror-movie gatherings, is just a month away, and a trip to the mountains is definitely in order for those who enjoy creature features. The festival just released its first slate of offerings, including full-length movies and both live-action and animated shorts. Watching the trailers of some of these flicks was enough to terrify us...

Here are ten trailers of full-length movies you can catch in Telluride, as well as the complete lineup of films.

Alexandre O. Philippe
Greg McLean
Ryuhei Kitamura
Creep 2
Patrick Brice
Can Evrenol
The Endless
Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead
The Whip and the Body
Mario Bava
Cold Ground
Fabien Delage
Frazier Park Recut
Tyler Schnabel and Sam Hanover

Features scheduled for the Telluride Horror Show:

Cold Ground
Creep 2
Eat Locals
Frazier Park Recut
The Endless
The Whip and the Body
Trailers From Hell
Trench 11
Victory Crowley
What the Waters Left Behind

Shorts scheduled for the Telluride Horror Show:
"Don't Ever Change"
"Even the Darkness Has Arms"
"Fucking Bunnies"
"Great Choice"
"Health, Wealth and Happiness"
"Holiday Fear"
"It Began Without Warning"
"Keep out of Children's Reach"
"Killer Spacemen From Outer Planet X"
"Lemon Drink"
"Nocturnally Yours"
"Over There"
"Safe Haven"
"Sweet Tooth"
"The Armoire"
"The Pale House"
"The Welcoming"
"Tickle Monster"
"We Summoned a Demon"

Animated Shorts scheduled for the Telluride Horror Show
"The Horror...the Animated"
"Jungle Taxi"
"Less Than Human"
"Red Riding Hood Redux"
"The Aeronauts"
"The Future"
"The Sandman"

The Telluride Horror Show runs October 13 through 15 at the Sheridan Opera House, Nugget Theatre and Palm Theatre in Telluride. For more information, go to the festival website.