Word of Mouth

Reader: Call a Beer "Pretentious Jackass" and Someone Will Drink It

Jonathan Shikes
While many of the country's most ambitious, challenging craft beers will be rolling into town this week for the Great American Beer Festival, Denver's Dive Bar Beer just unveiled a new brew, Nice Dart American Lager, which is modeled after PBR and the rest of the cheap, easy-drinking lager brands that are found in dive bars from coast to coast — the fizzy yellow brews that engender love but have also inspired two generations of craft brewers to reject the style for something completely different. And some readers just aren't feeling the love for this new brew, either. Says Ashleigh:
Another marketing company parading around as a brewery. Having a brewery is actually hard; making up a recipe and a 'concept' and paying someone else to do the work is easy. This trend has to go.
Adds Emily:
 When they say they want to appeal to women, what does that mean? Will the cans be pink and come with a free lipgloss? Thanks, but I'm not interested in someone assuming that women don't drink the same beers as men, or enjoy them as much as any men might.
Comments Hugh:
 Not seeing the point here. Mass-marketed light American lagers are available everywhere — almost every restaurant, every bar and every liquor store, and they're cheap. Unless you're offering something DIFFERENT, why would anybody want to buy this?
Suggests Marc: 
I seriously think somebody could brew a beer in their toilet, call it "pretentious jackass" and people would buy it. 
But then there's this from Matt:

I respect all the new craft brewers, however, I have gotten tired of craft beer. Usually I just want a beer—just something to drink that isn't so cerebral. My guess is the market pendulum will swing to accommodate more simple tastes.
Can there ever be too much craft beer?