Ten Local Women Musicians to See This Month

Women kicking ass — in rock, pop, blues and everything in between — is nothing new. But recently, both NPR ("A New Canon") and the New York Times ("Rock's Not Dead, It's Ruled by Women") released extensive packages citing women at the center of the most exciting rock music today — and popular music of the last century. Women and non-binary musicians are all over the Denver music scene, from R&B to pop and metal, and you can give them their due — and do your music-loving ears a favor — by checking out these ten shows in September and October 2017.

Tyto Alba
Thursday, September 21
Syntax Physic Opera

In 2014, Melanie Steinway, a Boulder native who returned to Colorado after studying at the Rhode Island School of Design, started Tyto Alba. The band draws on folk and post-rock influences to create atmospheric electric-guitar-based soundscapes below Steinway's tender, moody vocals.

Get Along

Friday, September 22
Syntax Physic Opera

Get Along is the indie dance-punk duo composed of married musicians Cara and Nicholas Yañez. The upbeat and raw "Death of a Spirit Animal" was released as a single earlier this year, and Get Along celebrates its new EP with Turvy Organ and Ghostpulse.

Kerry Pastine
and the Crime Scene

Friday, September 22
Nissi's, Lafayette

Veteran rocker Kerry Pastine mixes up rockabilly, roots, retro soul and a lot of attitude. Also on the bill are Eef and the Blues Express, whose powerful frontwoman is a Dutch transplant and local deli owner.

Oxeye Daisy's Facebook page
Oxeye Daisy
Friday, September 29
Lion's Lair

Oxeye Daisy describes itself as "the Cranberries on acid," and "sunshowery shoegazey tunes," but that doesn't get at the intricacy and sophistication of the dream-pop outfit's song structure or the control of Lela Roy's soul-shaking vocals. We can't wait to hear more from this young four-piece.

click to enlarge Hazel Miller Jazz Trio - HAZEL MILLER
Hazel Miller Jazz Trio
Hazel Miller
Hazel Miller
Friday, September 29
The Wild Game, free

Hazel Miller is a local legend of R&B and one of the hardest-working musicians in the area. Miller headlined the alternative inauguration concert in Boulder in January, saying, "Being a woman and being black in America means that you take the cards that you’re dealt and you do the best you can to draw a winning hand from the deck."