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Denver Restaurant Week Announces 2018 Dates

With so many restaurants continuing to open in Denver — and continuing to lure customers with new concepts and diverse dining options — it seems that every week is restaurant week in this city. But there's only one official Denver Restaurant Week, and the food-filled celebration organized by Visit Denver gives restaurant-goers a chance to get out of their rut and explore new options without the risk of sticker shock. Visit Denver just released the dates and prices for the 2018 version of Restaurant Week, and inflation has been kept at bay for at least another year. In cost, at least; the number of restaurants participating is likely to climb.

The next Denver Restaurant Week is scheduled for February 23 through March 4, 2018, which actually makes it a ten-day event, but that just gives you an extra weekend to get out and feast. Like last year, restaurants will have the option of offering $25, $35 or $45 menus, allowing eateries of all styles to participate. In 2017, Visit Denver added the tiered pricing; in previous years, the price had climbed from the original $52.80 for dinner for two to $30 per person.

Even at $30, many restaurants found it difficult to plate three-course dinners, so the addition of the tiered structure boosted the overall number of restaurants participating last year, since it allowed higher-end eateries to show off their best work. In 2016, only 231 restaurants signed up, but last year the numbers rebounded to more than 250.

Visit Denver has tried various configurations over the years, from the original seven-day week of dinners priced at $52.80 for two (going back to 2005), to a two-week span in late February (which ended up being too much of a slog for restaurant employees), to two weeks split between spring and summer (which cut into the height of the summer dining season). The ten-day compromise has definitely struck a balance between the city's appetite for discounted dinners and restaurateurs' desire to draw new customers during a traditionally slow time of year.

While it's too early to begin making reservations (restaurants can't even register until November), you can definitely mark your calendars now so that you'll be sure to be in town come Denver Restaurant Week 2018.