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Reader: Bottomless Brunch Deals Are for Amateurs!

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Our Ten Bottomless Mimosas list had people planning early for the weekend, and also pouring out their own suggestions. How about the Post? Burnt Barrel? But other readers thought trying out the ten places on the list would keep them busy all fall. Says Jayne:

My friends and I thank you, Westword. Now I know what we'll be doing this Sunday, and all the Sundays in the foreseeable future.

Responds Hal:
Brunch is for amateurs, and bottomless-drink-deal brunches are for rank amateurs. Thank you, Westword, for telling me exactly what places to avoid this weekend if I don't want into run into the hipster, hat-wearing crowd.
Concludes Lauren: 
Well, we have some work to do.
Where will you be having brunch today?