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Reader: John Elway Did Not Disappoint This Liberal Fan

John Elway wasn't going to let the kneel/stand controversy engulfing the NFL go by without his two cents. The Broncos general manager said in an interview published on the team's website that the protests are a "good show of unity" but that he wants to "take the politics out of football." Of course, Elway himself has been active in politics for years, even using the Broncos as a springboard for his conservative ideals. We pointed out that hypocrisy in a post titled "The Brazen Hypocrisy of John Elway Wanting to 'Take the Politics Out of Football.'” In response, our readers were either team John or team Hypocrisy.

Marc writes:

I can't with this man. He's a piece of trash and always has been. I love that he's using Broncos stationery to write pro-conservative considerations and send them off to Congress. His ego knows no bounds. He played a large role in my boycott of the Broncos years ago and from there the NFL.

Dear John: if you can use Broncos plated paper to ask Congress to consider Gorsuch for the Supreme Court, I'm afraid that Colin Kaepernick and his pals can continue to kneel without any irony whatsoever. Get over yourself.
Isaiah argues:
He's brought the city three Super Bowls; he's pretty much untouchable #teflonJohn
Troy says:
Please try to realize that's not what Elway was trying to say. He was saying "whatever makes whomever happy, now let's move on from this business and get back to playing football."
Fitz points out:
Look, big-time Elway fan! The drive, the drive two, and the helicopter. I am a big-time liberal. Do not like his politics at all. But John Elway did not disappoint this liberal fan. He said yes to his players, the First Amendment and to the flag. In John we trust!
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