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The Ten Best Handheld Breakfast Burritos in Denver

Breakfast burritos are such an important part of the average Denverite's morning that Mayor Michael Hancock recently declared the second Saturday of every October to be Breakfast Burrito Day, which means we'll be celebrating October 14. The sleek silver bullets filled with eggs, green chile and potatoes (at the bare minimum) can be found all over town, from the most bare-bones street carts to some of the metro area's finest establishments. Here are the ten best handheld breakfast burritos, in alphabetical order.

2900 West 26th Avenue
Araujo's is one third of the Burrito Triangle at Federal Boulevard and West 26th Avenue, with Santiago's and the soon-to-close Jack-n-Grill forming the other two points. Beans add a filling layer to these bargain burrito bombs, and a daily selection of breakfast meats means variety and flavor throughout the week.

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Asada Rico
813 16th Street
Express breakfast is the name of the game on the 16th Street Mall, where folks up and about during the breakfast hour are in a hurry (and the tourists are still sleeping soundly). The standard egg-and-potato number does the trick, but for a splurge, add steak to help fuel you through the day.

Blackbelly Butcher
1606 Conestoga Street, Boulder
Breakfast burritos from a butcher in Boulder? Bah! Don't be so quick to judge, though: Chef/owner Hosea Rosenberg has the New Mexico credentials (having grown up there) and is committed to turning out good morning grub that does his home state proud. Get the "o.g." with eggs, tater tots, cheese and Hatch green chile, or add the butcher's choice of house meat for a buck extra.

click to enlarge This is what a burrito joint should look like. - MARK ANTONATION
This is what a burrito joint should look like.
Mark Antonation
Bonfire Burritos
17025 South Golden Road, Golden
This is how a breakfast burrito vendor should look: a yellow trailer on the roadside with a few chairs out front and a line at the window. With names like the Chupacabra and the Jackalope, these burritos give an authentic taste of the Southwest with a little fun thrown in for good measure.

click to enlarge This is what you're hoping your office mates have remembered when you're on your way into work every morning. - MARK ANTONATION
This is what you're hoping your office mates have remembered when you're on your way into work every morning.
Mark Antonation
The Burrito Company
1290 South Santa Fe Drive

The Burrito Company recently got a facelift, giving the exterior a modern new facade. But inside, you'll find the same counter-service model with only a single bench for seating while you wait. You won't have to wait long, though, because the ladies behind the counter keep the torpedoes firing. Speaking of fire: Go with the spicy green chile here; the added heat is welcome on crisp Denver mornings.