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Five Spooky Tours Through Colorado's Haunted History

Learn the spooky secrets behind one of Colorado's most scenic towns at the Morrison Ghosts and Legends Tour.
Colorado Haunted History
Learn the spooky secrets behind one of Colorado's most scenic towns at the Morrison Ghosts and Legends Tour.
Fridays that fall on the thirteenth day of the month seem fraught with supernatural menace. That's doubly true in October, when the upcoming Halloween holiday inspires a renewed interest in the macabre. Luckily for paranormally inclined history buffs, Colorado is replete with haunted spaces, from stately old homes to parks and cemeteries. Join a crew of skilled performers and historians as they bring the grisly stories behind these spooky spaces to life.

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Magpie Paranormal
Cheesman Park Haunted Cemetery Tour
Friday, October 13, 6 to 8 p.m.
Cheesman Park Pavilion

Famously built over the hastily relocated Mount Prospect Cemetery, Cheesman Park — and its ghastly history — is an endless source of morbid fascination. The Magpie Paranormal Tour Agency is getting into the Friday the 13th spirit with a walk through the park's ghoulish history, including visits to a number of purportedly haunted historic homes. Gather with a gaggle of fellow history buffs at Cheesman's neoclassical pavilion at 6 p.m. — just in time for dusk — before departing on an informative amble through the park and the surrounding historic neighborhood. Tours are limited to thirty participants, so call 970-316-5828 to RSVP. Tickets are $15, and cash is preferred. Visit Magpie Paranormal's Facebook page to learn more about this tour, as well as a host of other upcoming events.

Denver Free Walking Tours
Ghosts of Capitol Hill Walking Tour
Saturday, October 14, 8 to 10 p.m.
Cheesman Park, Morey Middle School

Central Denver is so dense with historic buildings, landmarks and creepy tales that its neighborhoods can foster a number of ghost walks and haunted history tours. Among the finest is the Ghosts of Capitol Hill Walking Tour, a meander through the bustling historic district. Join the crew of fellow ghost hunters for an informative yet spine-tingling trek through this local hotbed of paranormal activity. Participants meet at the corner of 13th Avenue and Gilpin Street, near Cheesman Park, before concluding the two-mile walk at Morey Middle School. Though the event is produced by Denver Free Walking Tours, individual admission is $19 per person, or $16 per person in a special four-pack deal. Visit the Denver Free Walking Tours home page to learn more. Space is limited, so don't hesitate. The Ghosts of Capitol Hill Walking Tour is not recommended for children under twelve years of age.