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Reader: Residents New and Old Should Support Colorado's Classic Spots

Brandon Marshall
Last week's belated salute to National Cheese Curd Day and the recent addition of a few Midwestern-inspired restaurants brought out some cranky commenters complaining about Colorado's lack of its own regional cuisine...or was it a lack of appreciation of Colorado's regional cuisine? Are there classic Colorado spots that residents new and old should patronize? Says Steven: 
Colorado really has nothing it can call its own so it appropriates culture from everywhere else while despising those same people and things.
Responds JP:
 Greek food WAS king in Denver, but it's nothing to write home about. However, we have a kickass Vietnamese food community and some killer Ethiopian restaurants. You can keep your bland Midwest culture and crappy wannabe green chile. PS: we have some kickass Mexican food, too, but you'll never figure it out.
And then there's this from Rebecca: 
Seriously, Westword...what the hell? I'm an almost fifty-year-old native, and am not the slightest bit bothered by people moving here, or bringing their food with them. The main complaint from natives, myself included, has to do with traffic, and people not using their gawddamn blinker.
Replies Derek: 
Being from Pittsburgh and having lived in Colorado Springs twice, I tell people outside of the scenery, the people are the best thing about Colorado. Everyone is accepting. Less judgmental than what I’m used to seeing, and for the most part are helpful and generally in pretty good moods. I never had any problems with people treating me as an “outsider.”
Concludes Sue: 
I just hope both the natives and transplants support Denver's great restaurants. It seems to me that the dining scene is really overbuilt. There are some classic Colorado spots that residents new and old should support, to make sure they stay alive. I hope they do.
What are the classic Colorado spots that every resident, new or old, should experience at least once? And what are your go-to places in Denver? The places you just can't live without?

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