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Denver Company Delivers Fresh Baby Food Right to Your Door

Rachael Adams
Baby Fresh Organics makes and delivers baby, toddler and young kid food.
It's not hard to find a meal-delivery service to help make dinner a cinch, but now there's one for baby, too. Baby Fresh Organics is a kid-focused food company that offers puréed fruits and vegetables for infants, finger foods for tiny tots, and simple meals geared for older kids.

"We started Baby Fresh Organics out of necessity," says Barclay Miller, who founded the company with his wife, Randi. "When we were introducing solids to our twins, we found the leading organic brands were packed with preservatives, weren’t fresh, and lacked the nutritional content we know is crucial to their development. I asked the simple question, 'Why can’t it be delivered, like everything else nowadays?'"

click to enlarge Baby Fresh Organics baby foods. - LINNEA COVINGTON
Baby Fresh Organics baby foods.
Linnea Covington
So he and his wife started the company this past September to provide quality baby food for his kids — and for anyone else looking for the same kind of quality and convenience. All of the food is prepared in Baby Fresh Organic's Denver kitchen and gets delivered the same day, thanks to a partnership with SupperBell, a meal-delivery service under culinary director Frank Bonanno that started in January 2015. It's a good pairing given that SupperBell sells ready-to-eat meals that customers simply stick in the oven. There's no muss, no fuss, and no trying to scramble to figure out what everyone in the family — infants and toddlers included — will eat.

click to enlarge A toddler-friendly meal from Baby Fresh Organics. - LINNEA COVINGTON
A toddler-friendly meal from Baby Fresh Organics.
Linnea Covington
Like SupperBell, Baby Fresh Organics deals mainly with seasonal foods, so every week there can be different flavor options, from simple preparations of acorn-squash purée, pear purée or egg yolk with yam and apricot (for $4.95 a jar) to more elaborate meals (at $6.45 and $7.45 per meal) like butternut-squash frittata with apple-cinnamon sweet-potato hash, or bison-and-sweet-potato shepherd's pie with carrot-apple-beet salad. And, to boost the value of the meal even more, the Millers teamed up with nutrition therapist Andrea White to make sure the goods they prepare pack the biggest health boost.

click to enlarge Though you might not be able to tell, this is one happy baby after he devoured a jar of Baby Fresh Organics parsnips. - LINNEA COVINGTON
Though you might not be able to tell, this is one happy baby after he devoured a jar of Baby Fresh Organics parsnips.
Linnea Covington

"Parents can rest assured that each recipe has been thoughtfully and purposefully crafted, with nutrition of utmost importance," says White, who has her own children and has given a lot of thought to the foods they consume. "As a clinician and also a mother, I have seen firsthand the impact a nutrient-dense, whole-food diet can have on a child in the formative years."

It tastes good too, at least according to my non-verbal six-month-old who devoured a jar of parsnips. And, honestly, in a world of convenient food options, it's nice to have one that accommodates the whole family with a wholesome and delicious result.