Top Tweets About Firing Vance Joseph After Broncos' Loss to Chiefs

It's only seven regular season games into Vance Joseph's NFL head-coaching career, but he's already on the hot seat.
It's only seven regular season games into Vance Joseph's NFL head-coaching career, but he's already on the hot seat.
During and after the October 30 Monday Night Football match-up between your Denver Broncos and the Kansas City Chiefs, which ended with a 29-19 KC victory, fans of the Mile High City squad vented on Twitter, with many of them directing their anger at first-year coach Vance Joseph. As you'll see in our roundup of the most memorable tweets, the hashtag #FireVance has become a thing.

The Broncos defense remains a marvel, and it kept the team within a single score well into the second half despite a performance by quarterback Trevor Siemian that was inept on a cosmic level; during the first half, he completed just five of fourteen passes for a whopping 56 yards. Not that Siemian was the only offensive player whose efforts were truly offensive. Plenty of his fellows joined him in mediocrity, including running back Jamal Charles, who justified the decision by the Chiefs to give up on him by fumbling on his third carry — a gaffe that resulted in a Kansas City touchdown. (Broncos turnover total for the contest: five.) But it's abundantly clear by now that while Trevor may eke out an NFL career as a competent backup QB, he doesn't have the stuff to lead a quality unit.

Denver has the ingredients to be such a team — which is why Joseph (whom some Broncos loyalists lobbied against hiring in the first place) has become the target for frustration. He seems to be on the same trajectory as failed head coach Josh McDaniels, pink-slipped in 2010.

Don't expect the hammer to fall on Joseph immediately. After all, even McDaniels lasted for the better part of two seasons. But Denver supporters won't accept failure, and with a current record of 3-4, the Broncos definitely fit the definition. Some fans are already so sure the D-town crew has no chance that they've stopped watching the games; see the second post here. And while Broncos Nation was calling for Siemian to be replaced by Colin Kaepernick or Tim Tebow last week, following Denver's defeat by the Los Angeles Chargers, you'll never guess who our number-one tweeter would like to see under center instead.

Count down the twenty most memorable tweets about Joseph in regard to the catastrophe in Kansas City below.

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