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Reader: I Missed My Flight 'Cause of This Crap!

DIA on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.
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DIA on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.
Travelers trying to get out of town for Thanksgiving on Wednesday ran into more than just the usual traffic on the roads and the expected large crowds at Denver International Airport. On Wednesday morning, an accident near Colorado Boulevard screwed up the A-Line, which required passengers to be transported via bus. But they didn't exactly have to book it to the airport; sensor issues had slowed the trains that transport travelers from the security area to the various terminals, causing massive congestion at 7:30 a.m. Talk about a cluster!

Even readers who weren't at the airport were stressed. Writes Regan:

BUT have you seen those super-cool light up signs to the entrance of the airport? Totally groovy. Worth every penny!
Adds Monica:
And they want to invest in the HyperLoop!!
Counters Renee:

Sitting at A40 now, not too bad of an experience. Didn't need the train, security wait not too horrible. Passengers patient, employees pleasant.
   Concludes Drew:
Yep, missed my damn flight cause of this crap. Get your shit together DIA!
 And the Sunday after Thanksgiving is always one of the biggest traffic days of the year! Good luck, travelers.

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