Twitter's F*cked Up and/or Sympathetic Reaction to Paxton Lynch Crying

Paxton Lynch getting emotional on the sidelines of another humiliating Broncos loss.
NFL via Twitter
Paxton Lynch getting emotional on the sidelines of another humiliating Broncos loss.
Watching Twitter during and after the latest embarrassing Denver Broncos loss, this time to the Oakland Raiders by a 21-14 score, turned into something of a sociological study. The reaction to quarterback Paxton Lynch crying on the sidelines after a combination of injury and ineptitude forced him from the game demonstrated just how divisive the sight of a man displaying emotion can still be in 2017.

Granted, Broncos fans have had plenty of reasons to weep this season, too. Over the past seven weeks, executive John Elway's ability to identify QB talent has been left for dead in the wake of terrible performances by three of his draftees: Trevor Siemian, Brock Osweiler and Lynch. Yes, Siemian led the squad to two touchdowns after taking over for Lynch yesterday, but he did so during de facto garbage time. He's unlikely to be anything more than a competent backup in the NFL — and Osweiler and Lynch continue to look like major busts.

That said, Lynch's tears at least showed he cares — something that has been very much in doubt during his two years in Denver. Nonetheless, he was subjected to a social-media battering after the final whistle blew by those who continue to subscribe to the antiquated notion that real men should be silent and stoic and keep all their turmoil inside.

Other tweeters were more sympathetic, but those who identified with Lynch were definitely outnumbered. See what we mean in our countdown of the twenty most memorable tweets on the topic, on view below.

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