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Cat Wine Inventor Brews Up a New Line of Dog Beers

Taking your dog to the bar has been a thing for eons, but what if we told you that your dog can knock back a cold one with you? Thanks to Brandon Zavala of Apollo Peak, makers of Cat Wine and Fur Loco, Fido now has his own artisan beverage to imbibe: Dog Beer.

"Dog Beer is basically a healthy alternative to human beer to give to your dog that is non-alcoholic and includes several variations of ingredients that provide a functional benefit to your pup," says Zavala, Apollo Peak's founder, CEO, and head doggie-beer brewer. "We like to think of it as a way to share a beer with your dog without causing any harm to them through the ingestion of alcohol."

click to enlarge The latest in canine refreshment: Dog Beer from Apollo Peak. - APOLLO PEAK
The latest in canine refreshment: Dog Beer from Apollo Peak.
Apollo Peak
The company first gained notoriety with its cat and dog wines, and the canine beer is the latest in the lineup. On the menu, you'll find Mutt Lyte, a drink that Zavala says is similar to an electrolyte-filled human sports drink, only with vitamins that benefit your dog. Mutt Lyte is chicken-based and comes in three healthy blends: one with fish oils for heart health, another with glucosamine for bone and joint health, and a third with hemp-seed oil for skin and coat health. Zavala also produces canine "craft beers" made with juiced vegetables and fruits like sweet potatoes and blueberries. These have whimsical names like Twisted Tail Ale, Oatmeal Snout and ESB, or Extra Special Biter (perfect for a doggie stocking stuffer).

click to enlarge The Oatmeal Snout, a craft beer for dogs. - APOLLO PEAK
The Oatmeal Snout, a craft beer for dogs.
Apollo Peak
"They are meant to be a fun 'craft beer'-like beverage to feed your dog — similar, but better, in my opinion, to a hard treat," says Zavala, adding that so far every type, breed and age of dog has gotten down with the canine coolers. "We wanted to make something that was extra tasty so that every dog would love it, while also providing a benefit to feeding it to your dog."

But how do the brews differ from the famous dog wines the company also produces? Zavala says the wines are herb-based, similar to a tea, and use beet juice for a dash of flavor and color. "The wines help provide somewhat of a functional benefit such as calming and fresh breath," he says. "The dog beers, on the other hand, are far more tasty, with a chicken-broth base and added benefits that dog lovers will admire."

Right now you can only find Dog Beer online, but be warned: So far demand for these doggie bombers is so high that stock has been flying off the digital shelves. Zavala hopes that by spring 2018, Apollo Peak will boost production and start selling Dog Beer in pet stores and at select breweries. Until then, bring a bottle with you to these dog-friendly patios. After an exhilarating hike or trail run with man's best friend, you both can relax and share a cold one.