Great Colorado Food Gifts for the Twelve Days of Christmas

Linnea Covington
Merf's Condiments are as festive in red and green as they are delicious.

On the first day of Christmas my food-loving buddy gave to me...really, with all the amazing Colorado-made gifts out there, you could have weeks and weeks of holiday goodies. Whether you want stocking stuffers, hostess gifts or something for the gourmet in your life, we have plenty of ideas. Choose from spirit-warming tea to bath stuff with aromatic ingredients to so much awesome hot sauce. These twelve items promise to delight someone in your life, whether they like things spicy, enjoy wearing their food or prefer the surprise of a monthly package.

click to enlarge LINNEA COVINGTON
Linnea Covington
Trailhead Chai From Teakoe
Hot tea has gotten really cool, especially when you get it from this local blender. The Trailhead Chai line proves exceptional, with fun flavors like Happy Camper Cocoa, a black chai, or Outpost Orange Spice, a rooibos chai. For loved ones who adore spicy things, the Horizon Hot Ginger proves pleasing, with a mixture of lemon, popped rice, chili pepper flakes, green peppercorn and ginger. Buy a can ($10 each) for a stocking stuffer or mix and match different blends for the ultimate tea-lover's goodie basket. As a bonus, when you buy tea from Teakoe, the company will donate funds to help save the bees — so it's like giving two gifts at once.

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Linnea Covington
Spice Set From Savory Spice
While most spices can't be sourced locally, all the clever blends from this Denver-based company are mixed right here in town. Get the cook in your life a three-jar box set of spice blends, which range from kits for the pizza lover (which includes the company's own Italian blend, an onion-garlic sprinkle and crushed red peppers) to the Tres Amigos (Peruvian chili lime, Cuban island spices and an adobo spice blend). If there's a sweets seeker in your life, consider the Chocoholic Trio, with black onyx chocolate sugar, dutch cocoa powder and baker's brew coffee spice (a medley of coffee, sugar, cocoa, cinnamon, salt, nutmeg, cardamom, allspice, mace and ginger). While you're at it, grab a container of Savory's latest mix, Chicharron Salt, for a stocking stuffer. The sets start at $12 and the Chicharron Salt runs $10.

click to enlarge Merf's Condiments makes an awesome yellow mustard, berry sriracha and lime-tinged green hot sauce. - LINNEA COVINGTON
Merf's Condiments makes an awesome yellow mustard, berry sriracha and lime-tinged green hot sauce.
Linnea Covington
Merfs Condiments
When it comes to condiments, Kelly Schexnaildre knows how to shake it up. You can purchase her expertise in the form of Merfs yellow mustard, srirachas and hot sauces. The Hand Grenade sriracha adds a hot, pineapple-enhanced sweetness to anything from that Italian hero to your morning eggs. For more of a tart berry accent, try the Jamberry sriracha. The Electric Lime hot sauce bursts with green-chile fire and bright citrus; and the Fool's Paradise features smoky and sizzling ghost peppers tamed with a hint of tropical mango. You can't go wrong stuffing someone's stocking with one of these items ($9), or get the whole set (a four-pack of sauces for $32) for that condiment-loving cousin who longs for local products.

click to enlarge Red Camper has been making this Colorado peach-and-whiskey jam for over a decade. - LINNEA COVINGTON
Red Camper has been making this Colorado peach-and-whiskey jam for over a decade.
Linnea Covington
Whiskey-Peach Preserves by Red Camper
The Centennial State is known for having great peaches, and thanks to a bunch of new distilleries opening up, the whiskey scene is starting to get notice, too. Fifteen years ago, Maura Gramzinski started making her Colorado whiskey peach preserves, a tasty spread that won a blue ribbon at the Denver County Fair in 2012. It's the Red Camper's most popular flavor for a reason, and you should definitely get it for anyone you love who also loves toast, sweet things, Colorado goods and quality jams.

click to enlarge The kimchi from Farmhand comes straight from Longmont. - LINNEA COVINGTON
The kimchi from Farmhand comes straight from Longmont.
Linnea Covington
Kimchi From Farmhand Organics
Although not all of the produce for Farmhand Organic's fermented products come from Colorado, you can see where the vegetables were picked and processed right on the top of the jar. The cabbage for the kimchi hails from Longmont's Red Wagon Farm and Full Circle Farm, and it's good enough to make a Korean grandma jealous — and the sauerkraut proves just as tasty. Keep in mind, because the jars must be refrigerated, they're not the kind of gift you can easily wrap and leave under the tree. But you can pack up a few jars and give them as a hostess gift or present your honey with a card directing him or her to the fridge for a tangy, spicy surprise.

click to enlarge Have a box of hot sauce from Fuego Box delivered each month. - LINNEA COVINGTON
Have a box of hot sauce from Fuego Box delivered each month.
Linnea Covington
Fuego Box Hot Sauce Subscription
For that last minute oops-I-didn't-plan or oops-I-forgot-to-go-shopping present, consider the gift that keeps on giving: a food subscription. The Fuego Box proves perfect for this, as each month the lucky recipient will get a trio of delectable hot sauces from all over the country ($86.85 for a three month subscription). That could include a bottle of Hotmaple Smokey Habanero from Oregon, Zana Sauce from California, or Fat Cat's Cat in Heat from Florida, to name a few. From spicing up Bloody Marys to making egg sandwiches sizzle, this gift is hot, hot, hot.