Our Ten Most-Read Marijuana Stories in 2017

Cannabis and Colorado's relationship hasn't lost its spark.
Scott Lentz
Cannabis and Colorado's relationship hasn't lost its spark.
Approved by Colorado voters in November 2012, legal marijuana is now becoming mainstream in Colorado – but not without its fair share of controversy. New laws and regulations surrounding medical and recreational pot, a recent rise in legalization opponents thanks to United States Attorney General Jeff Sessions's fear-mongering actions, and consolidation in Denver's dispensary scene have all generated plenty of buzz. For a rundown of what cannabis issues people have been talking about most this year, check out our ten most-read pot stories of 2017:

1. "Concentrate! Here's the Difference Between Shatter, Budder, Crumble and More"

There used to be just a few varieties of concentrates, and now there are many, many more. Read more here.

2. "Dear USA Today: Marijuana Hasn't Devastated Colorado"

In August, USA Today published an op-ed titled "Marijuana Devastated Colorado, Don’t Legalize It Nationally," written by Jeff Hunt, the vice president of public policy at Colorado Christian University, who continues to advocate against pot. Read more here.

3. "Eleven States Considering Pot Laws In 2017"

Four states legalized recreational marijuana during 2016, leading at least eleven to consider changing their laws this year. Read more here.

4. "Legal Cannabis Opponents Unite at Colorado Christian to Fight Pot Industry"

Coloradans against the legalization of cannabis found their collective voice at a symposium of the Centennial Institute and Colorado Christian University on October 6, 2017. Read more here.