Weekend Warriors: Five Workouts to Catch Before Christmas

Find your weekend warrior tribe.
Buti Yoga Colorado Tribe
Find your weekend warrior tribe.
The holidays are officially upon us, as is the undue stress of not having ordered online in time for a guaranteed pre-Christmas Day delivery. Use this weekend to reset and re-energize — and then head into the chaos that is last-minute holiday shopping.

See if you can hang with Denver's only women-only fitness studio.
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Hot Mamas Free Community Workout
Hot Mamas Exercise
Friday, December 22, 12 p.m.

The Hot Mamas Exercise crew has added some new instructors to its lineup, and they’re looking for willing participants to test out their skills and sweat for an hour. Rebecca Kanov is on the schedule this Friday at noon, and she’ll be teaching one of the traditional Hot Mamas workouts. Hot Mamas Exercise, which offers classes solely for women and with women’s bodies in mind, combines cardio, conditioning, strength, flexibility and core. For more information about what to expect during the workout or to sign up, visit the Hot Mamas Exercise website.