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Reader: Bernie Sanders Was Just Another Puppet

Gino Santa Maria/
Is Denver still feeling the Bern? Our man on politics, Chris Bianchi, argues that the Mile High is, in fact, still infatuated with the one-time presidential candidate. What's less clear is what all the Bernie bumperstickers and posters still stuck on cars and walls around Denver mean, eighteen months after Hillary Clinton accepted the Democratic nomination. Readers have some ideas. Says Chr:
Even if you think his politics were extreme, he’s been the first person to run for the people in a while, so that alone speaks volumes against anything else those other clowns are doing. A real Bernie supporter, I would imagine, will always be a Bernie supporter.
Argues Alex:
This is why Trump won. And will probably win again. #MAGA
Opines Angelo:

Bernie was just another puppet. He said himself he has no interest in running on an Independent ticket but only wants to bring younger people into the Democratic Party .

False Independent.
Responds Eli:
Yup, would vote and volunteer for him again in 2020.
Concludes Patrick:
My ears are "Berning" because of his bull crap.
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