Reader: Let the Young, Frozen Potheads Head to California!

potmoney.jpg Matithipat
California has now allowed retail sales of marijuana for three weeks, and people both inside and outside the industry are eagerly watching to see how it might affect Colorado's market. Will it cut down on sales in this state? Will it cut down on this state's overall growth? And would that be a bad thing...or a good thing?

Says Rafael:
Well, good. More weed for me and less traffic.
Notes Chuck: 
Colorado is lucky they got a four-year headstart on the recreational market because they are about to lose marijuana tourism. There are more people that want to visit Las Vegas and Los Angeles and San Diego and San Francisco for an herb vacation then Denver Colorado or Vail....Since 2007, Colorado has been propped up by a very strong marijuana market. Recreational, and medical before it.
Responds Sean:
 Our economy is not based solely upon pot tourism. The growth we’ve experienced in the last 10 years is only marginally connected to marijuana.
Adds Paul:
 Pot brings in what amounts to a drop in the bucket or our state budget. Weed tourism will still do well since our tourism industry has always been healthy. Our economy was doing well even before medical weed showed up.
Concludes Larry: 
We need to start doing PSA pieces to inform frozen young potheads about the warmer alternative that is Cali.
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