Don't Toss Your Women's March Signs!

Kate McKee Simmons
Donate your Women's March signs to the library (baby not included).
If you're taking to the streets this Saturday to participate in the Women's March, consider donating your signs or other memorabilia to the Denver Public Library. The Western History and Genealogy Department will catalogue donations and make them available for viewing online.

The library collected signs from last year's Women's March and made them available online. “We were blown away at the interest in donating items last year,” said Acquisitions Librarian Jamie Seemiller, who spearheaded the project, in a statement. “There was a lot of interest in making the artifacts available for future generations, and we want to do the same this year.”

And don't miss the library's Pink Progression art exhibit, which will highlight the stories of participants in last year's Women's March in Denver. The exhibit runs from March 2 to June 29 at the Video Ellison Gallery at the Central Library (on the seventh floor).

Donate items after this year's march through January 27 at the Central Library's Western History and Genealogy Department, on the fifth floor.