Five Gifts to Melt a Stoner's Heart on Valentine's Day

Some people don't want a box of chocolates.
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Some people don't want a box of chocolates.
Does your lover prefer blunts to bouquets? Buying Valentine's Day gifts for that special someone can be difficult if they don't like roses or chocolates, but living in cannabis-friendly Colorado gives us access to an entire arena of goodies most states aren't privy to.

Retail cannabis is exactly that: retail. These companies want to make money off us just as much as the next industry, and that includes taking advantage of those holiday dollars we're so eager to spend. Here are five of our favorite weed-related gifts for Valentine's Day. Some of them are lovey-dovey pot gifts for the stoner of your dreams, while others are just badass presents for any time of the year.

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1906's High Love treats come in both dark chocolate and chocolate-covered coffee beans.
1906 Edibles
1906 High Love Chocolates
We've been fans of the team at 1906 chocolates ever since they introduced their Go Beans, chocolate-covered coffee beans infused with CBD and THC. And now, the chocolatier turned pot kitchen has introduced something to get you going bed. The brand's new High Love line of chocolates and chocolate-covered coffee beans infuses the same THC and CBD ratios with dark chocolate, but this time it added damiana, catuaba, muira puama, yohimbe, vanilla and other natural botanicals to create what it calls a "sensual blend." Doses start at 1 milligram of THC and CBD for the smaller beans, and 5 milligrams of THC and CBD for the larger beans and chocolates.

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Privy Peach founder Kim Koehler.
Courtesy of Privy Peach
Privy Peach CBD Sex Lube
Privy Peach founder Kim Koehler started her brand of CBD-infused products after dealing with pain and hardship resulting from a sexual assault and abusive marriage. Sex became filled with pain and anxiety as she was recovering, so Koehler turned to CBD — known for treating pain, anxiety and inflammation with psychoactive effects — as a way to help herself. Now Privy Peach sells a variety of CBD products, including lubrication oil to increase pleasure while reducing pain and anxiety women might face during sex. Made with coconut oil to prevent irritation, the lube is infused with CBD distillate, one of the purest extraction methods on the market. And for men, Privy Peach sells “Dude Balm,” an erectile-enhancement balm infused with CBD, watermelon-seed extract and citrulline.

The Aero Inhaler combines savvy technology and cannabis to create one very convenient product.
Quest Aerosols
Quest Aero Inhaler
Most people wouldn't associate an inhaler as a device used to ingest cannabis, a substance heavily connected to smoking. But in this day and age of legal pot, the boundaries are constantly being pushed. Just look at the Aero Inhaler, an inhaler device that uses aerosol technology to deliver 10-milligram bursts of cannabis one pump at a time. The inhaler, usually priced at less than $100 after tax, comes loaded with 1,000 milligrams of strain-specific THC for a blast of euphoria. If prohibitionists were upset at how easy it is to hit hash pens or eat traditional edibles in public, just wait until they find out about this little gem.

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District 8 pre-rolls are sold in packs of two, half-gram blunts.
District 8 Blunts
District 8 Blunts
You can't buy pre-rolled blunts rolled with tobacco in Colorado dispensaries, but you can purchase blunts made with hemp instead. District 8 isn't the fist pre-rolled blunt company to enter the pot shop scene, but it does have the distinction of being the only pre-roll with a little honey added to the paper for a sweeter, slower burn – just like your college days, but without the sticky mess. District 8 blunts are strain-specific, with each strain tiered into "Relaxed," "Energized," "Sleepy," "CBD" and "Hybrid" categories. Looking for a chill way to end the evening after dinner and love-making? Smoke a little honey with your honey.

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Phyto Animal Health also sells hemp bedding and litter.
Phyto Animal Health
Phyto CBD for Animals
I'm sure you've seen a girl or guy with "I'm just here for your dog" on their Tinder profiles before. Hopefully you're past your swiping days and have found someone worth spending money on, but the point remains: People really, really care about their pets. Phyto Animal Health, a new line of CBD-infused products for dogs, cats, horses and other furry friends, allows you to give some love to your best friend's real best friend. The Vitality oil, minimally processed CBD oil, is meant for large dogs and cats, while its Vitality-X oil is meant for small pets and horses. Both were made for healthy cardiovascular function, promoting neurological health and behavior, supporting healthy joints and hips, and maintaining healthy skin and hair.