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Bacon Social House Plans Littleton and Westminster Openings

Bacon has yet to experience its biggest moment in metro Denver. Bacon Social House, which opened at 2434 West 44th Avenue in the Sunnyside neighborhood in 2015, will expand this year, adding a location in Littleton, according to owner David Dill.

Dill says the new Bacon Social House will open in a new build at 2100 West Littleton Boulevard in the fall, across the street from the Littleton Municipal Courthouse and adjacent to a brand-new luxury senior living complex. Plans are currently being reviewed by the City of Littleton, and if everything is approved, the restaurant will have a rooftop patio where guests can enjoy Bacon's menu of daily brunch, happy hour and dinner. Because of the neighborhood, dinner will be more of a focus at the new location. "The Littleton menu will be a little more elevated at dinner, but won't stray too far from what we're doing in Sunnyside," Dill explains.

Littleton is only the first part of a plan to grow the Bacon Social House brand into something recognizable throughout the metro area and beyond. Dill just committed to putting a third location in the new redevelopment of downtown Westminster near West 88th Avenue and Sheridan Boulevard (an Alamo Drafthouse will also be located there). That one is expected to open in 2019, and Dill also has his sights set on an out-of-state Bacon planned for the same year.

The Cobbler's Corner location seemed like a bit of a gamble for an all-day restaurant when it opened in 2015. Unlike the dynamic LoHi area nearby, Sunnyside's vibe is a little quieter, with fewer big construction projects and a lower density. Neighbors have responded positively to the restaurant, though, making it a favorite for breakfast initially and eventually for dinner, too. But that doesn't mean Dill is resting on his laurels. "If you care and you want to be exceptional, you're always trying to dial it in," he says.

Even before he opened the first Bacon Social House, Dill was looking ten years down the road and envisioning an empire of several eateries, so he built his business plan with growth in mind. The biggest obstacles, he says, have been the inherent challenges of doing three meals a day as well as the industry-wide staffing shortage, though he adds that hiring has gotten easier now that the restaurant is established and the company is growing.

If bacon flights, bacon cocktails and bacon tots sound appealing, you'll soon be able to find them outside of Sunnyside. More bacon.