All Out Smash is the Ultimate Denver Rage Room Experience!

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All Out Smash is the Ultimate Denver Rage Room Experience!

Break, smash, bash, and destroy at our Denver Rage Room! The smashing is vigorous, but the fun is limitless. So, whether you need to release a little stress or want to demolish breakables without consequence, All Out Smash is undoubtedly the Rage Room in Denver you've been looking for.

But don't stop there... Transform your tantrums into triumphs! Consider this: you walk into our Denver rage room, armed with a sledgehammer or a baseball bat, and you unleash the beast within you on anything from dishes to printers, to pictures of your boss or ex. We don't know. Do your thing! Do you just need to let off steam? Cool. We have you covered. Shred your stress with one of our popular packages. Or, at any time, click on one of the "Book Now" buttons scattered throughout our site. At All Out Smash, you'll enter your rage room with stress and the only thing you'll leave with is your smile!

Check out our Denver Splatter Room while you're here. Now it's not just the rage room that brings you to All Out Smash; our splatter room is all the rage, too!

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