Revolutionizing the Art Market: How SINGULART Transformed the Way We Buy and Sell Art

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Revolutionizing the Art Market: How SINGULART Transformed the Way We Buy and Sell Art

Ready For Sail by Felix Burgos

SINGULART's mission is to "to encourage artists and designers who share their passion for beauty and leave their mark on the world." This critical statement, offered on their website, shows those looking for original paintings that galleries can be virtual. If you're looking for an online art gallery that offers works by today's emerging artists, SINGULART has found them.

Benefits of an Online Art Gallery

One of the challenges for today's artists is finding a place to show their works that will get enough traffic to justify the cost of the show. While there are galleries that offer spaces to emerging artists, galleries also need to bring in enough foot traffic to stay open. Often, this means focusing on established artists.

When you seek art for sale through an online art gallery, you can watch new artists and receive notifications of their latest work. You can search for prints and original paintings as you buy art online, tailoring your purchases to your budget. Because the option to buy art online reduces overhead, you can often build a collection of excellent works from a new artist for much less than you'd pay a gallery.

La vie en jaune by Azucena Gonzalez

The Digital Art Revolution

In the traditional art market of years past, it was a good bet that the paintings for sale were generally produced by a single demographic. The digital art platform expands the art market, revolutionizing art and the world of art commerce with a broader array of artists.

Perhaps you prefer to shop for abstracts. The world of abstract painting has been greatly expanded by the digital art revolution. You can tailor your search as you shop for art by artist. You can even study their progression as you buy from individual emerging talents.

Woods Bird 2 by Suzanne Marcelle

The Artist's Voice

Maybe you're seeking portraits or more traditional oil paintings. You may not see a place for your tastes in the world of art sales today. However, you can customize your search to help you focus on artists who create the artwork you love most.

There was a day when art collectors and patrons had enough sway in the market that they could make or break an artistic movement. Luckily, the world of art commerce has changed thanks to the digital art revolution. Artists of many styles now have a chance to reach out to a variety of art buyers.

Becoming a Patron

Thanks to SINGULART's determination to provide both art buyers and artists access to an ever-expanding platform, limited accessibility is no deterrent. You don't need to visit a physical gallery to enjoy the remarkable shopping experience that is art buying. The future of art sales has a level playing ground, both for would-be patrons and tomorrow's artists.

Browse the images offered on the SINGULART online gallery. When you find an artist that appeals, check out their catalog. There are artists alive right now creating pieces that appeal to a more traditional eye. There are also artists of unique perspectives creating remarkable abstract work.

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